Could a voice assistant make a lawyer more productive?

Could a Voice Assistant Make Law Firm Life Easier?

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Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Lyra, Cortana, Databot, Jarvis…there are so many voice assistants to choose from. If you have an iPhone, you already have access to Siri. If you have an Android device, Google Assistant is likely already installed. Although voice assistants are primarily accessed from smartphones, it won’t take long before they are easily accessed on a desktop and …

Could a legal bot improve access to justice?

Can Legal Bots Improve Access to Justice?

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Legal bots can be programmed to fulfill many needs that a law firm may have. It can work from the front page of your website to give out basic information, answer basic questions, and essentially help move the client toward scheduling their consultation. Legal bots can also help behind the scene. For example, it can complete client intake forms. It …

How Using Bots in Your Law Practice Can Let You Be More Human and Help Grow Your Business

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To date, the common #legaltech narrative has been a drumbeat of anxiety about robot overlords taking over the legal profession. On the one hand, we are told AI and automation will “free up lawyers’ time to perform higher-level, more intellectually satisfying work which clients would be willing to pay for.” (This platitude is generally advocated by most legal tech companies …

How Your Fuzzy Liberal Arts Education May Sharpen Your Skills in a Techie-Dominated World

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There is a steady drum beat in the legal industry about legal technology and how it’s going to change everything. There is a notion that “fuzzy” disciplines, like the humanities, philosophy and law are less relevant and less bankable than “techie” degrees like computer science, engineering and physics, which may open the door to a coveted job with tech titans …