LawDroid Lesson: AI and Chatbots 101

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi, I’m Tom Martin and today’s LawDroid lesson is about AI and Chatbots. I’m a Yale philosophy major, lawyer, technophile, and entrepreneur. I’m the co-founder of the Vancouver chapter of Legal Hackers, and I’ve created LawDroid which is an AI legal assistant to help people solve their legal problems.

How Happy Are Your Clients?

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I bet you know what your AVVO rating is. And, you probably know your Yelp star rating. But, do you know what you Net Promoter Score (NPS) is? Even if you’re not familiar with the term, I’m pretty sure you’ve been asked to rate someone using the system.

How to Get More Out of Your Time in the Office with Deep Work

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The hullabaloo of modern life: it’s inescapable. Devices beep, buzz, chirp and ring. Just this morning you may have overheard or said yourself: “My inbox is flooded,” “Have you checked your twitter feed?,” “Did you see what she posted on Facebook?,” “Oh those pictures you posted on Instagram are adorable!,” “Have you tried out that bot on Messenger?” And you …