Why Legal Design Matters and What You Should Do About It With Tessa Manuello [LawDroid Podcast]

The LawDroid Podcast, sponsored by GLSA.org: Why Legal Design Matters and What You Should Do About It with Tessa Manuello and Tom Martin

In this episode of the LawDroid podcast, Tom sits down with Tessa Manuello, founder of Legal Creatives, to discuss why legal design matters and what you should do about it.

Highlights include:

  • Why being a quick fish, instead of a big fish, matters
  • How finding a niche can help lawyers live any lifestyle they choose
  • What legal design really is (Hint: it isn’t about lawyers or judges)
  • How you can embrace creativity through legal design
  • How using creativity can help you challenge the status quo and provide better solutions for your clients

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