Could a Virtual Chatbot Lower Client Acquisition Cost and Improve Law Firm Productivity?

It’s the start of a new year. Many law firms set goals related to growing their practice and, of course, improving productivity. It’s certainly no secret that client acquisition takes both money and time. That time may be taken away from billable matters. The real consideration is how to both lower client acquisition cost while improving law firm productivity. Legal technology continues to provide fantastic solutions for lawyers. Properly chosen, a virtual chatbot could very well lower the client acquisition cost while improving law firm productivity.

Virtual Chatbots and the Cost of Client Acquisition

We’ve already (very) briefly touched on the concept that one part of the cost that comes along with client acquisitions is in the time spent with potential clients. For smaller firms, this is often time that may be spent on billable matters. We’re not necessarily talking about the concept of providing a free consultation, either. We mean actually determining whether a prospective client is a good fit for your practice. Asking and answering basic questions related to the prospective client and their issue.

Think about the average amount of time you spend replying to emails, returning phone calls, or talking with people who call your office. Have you ever thought about what else you could do with that time? In the legal industry, an extra six minutes of billable time per day creates 23 more billable hours each year. Take your hourly rate and multiply it by 23.

Then, track the non-billable time you spend with prospective clients. Take that time and multiply it by your hourly rate. While this time plays an important role in client development, studies have shown you can lose up to six hours per day by interruptions in your work. In fact, a recent study showed that most lawyers spend only 29% of their day (that is, 2.3 hours) on billable matters.

Virtual chatbots can be used to automate the qualification process for prospective clients. It can be used to ask a series of questions and collect specific information about the potential client to determine if they are a good fit for the firm. If they are, an appointment for a consultation may then be scheduled.

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 A virtual chatbot enables law firms to spend less of their billable time with pre-screening potential clients. This helps law firms lower the client acquisition cost over time.

Virtual Chatbots and Improved Productivity

The time previously spent on client acquisition via answering questions and onboarding new clients can then be redirected to billable matters. Virtual chatbots can also help law firms by automating the creation of commonly used documents and even to help on-board new clients. Because of the artificial intelligence used, virtual chatbots may even help lawyers improve their relationships with their clients.

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Virtual Chatbots Are Good for Business!

To learn more about how virtual chatbots can benefit your law firm and help you lower client acquisition cost and improve productivity, schedule your free demo.

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