Artificial intelligence can improve the attorney-client relationship.

Legal Technology: The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence That May Improve the Attorney-Client Relationship

Without a doubt, legal technology continues to flourish. There are a lot of options that law firms have to choose from when it comes to improving how their law office operates. Yet, one idea that routinely gets overlooked is how certain legal technology options may lead to better attorney-client relationships. In this post, we’re going to explore how the advantages of artificial intelligence may improve client relationships!

Artificial Intelligence Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Consider chatbots like the one you see (and can try out) here on LawDroid. Did you know that they can be built to answer the most frequently asked questions that are asked by clients and potential clients? This easy to implement piece of legal technology can improve attorney-client relationships by giving clients a way to get answers when they need them. It also helps save you time so that you can continue to focus on billable activities.

Could Potentially Create Additional Income without Excess Work

Artificial intelligence can be used to create a self-service type of environment that could help you generate more income without dealing with additional work. A chatbot can be programmed to ask questions and use the answers to populate common forms. Your law firm could, for example, use a chatbot to create business incorporation documents or DIY divorce documents. Chatbots may also help improve access to justice for legal aid organizations as well.

Provide a 24/7 Customer Service Experience

In a world where clients and potential clients have more choices than ever before, it’s important for law firms to stay competitive. We’re living in what is now commonly referred to as the social media age. People with questions or concerns expect to get the information they need (or a resolution) faster than ever. Artificial intelligence can be used to help answer basic questions about a client’s account or matter as well as give reassurance that their concern will be addressed soon. Chatbots can be used to provide 24/7 customer service. This helps improve the overall attorney-client relationship by making clients feel valued.

Learn More about How a Custom Chatbot Can Improve the Client Experience

It’s a new year. Are you ready to improve the attorney-client relationship and how your law firm operates? Maybe you’re ready to explore how artificial intelligence may be able to increase revenue for your office. Learn more about how a custom chatbot can improve the client experience and your law practice by scheduling a demo.

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