Chatbots: How the Best Law Firms are Automating Client Intake

Could chatbots help you? Have you ever wondered how the most successful law firms are keeping up with client intake? Any contingency fee practice, like personal injury, should automate as much of the client intake as possible. A law firm needs to answer multiple questions about a potential new client as soon as possible. Such questions as:

  • What is this visitor’s contact info?
  • Does this person have a case?
  • Is this the right client for my firm?

Getting quick answers to these questions will reduce the time spent on a dead-end client. The quicker a firm can get the answers to these questions, the quicker they can get the proverbial ball rolling for the case. Automating these first encounters with prospective clients is not only more time-efficient for you but also more convenient for the client as well. Some potential clients may have a schedule that is outside normal business hours. A chatbot can run 24hours and assist this potential client at their convenience. Chatbots typically capture double the leads, making them highly effective.

Chatbots for client intake automation
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Utilizing Chatbots to Collect Client Information

Anything that can be automated, should and will be by successful firms. Collecting visitor contact info can be achieved with automated chatbots, like LawDroid, which greets every visitor on your website with a brief message, prompting a response from the visitor. They are round-the-clock receptionists for your firm’s website. Always available to make that important first step collecting information from a potential client. LawDroid is also easy to use, customize, and integrate with their no-code setup.

Contact us forms, while useful, are not as effective as chatbots. As an eye-catching pop-up chat directly on the site, this convenient automated bot removes the extra step of a web visitor having to go to a specific page in order to be contacted. The visitor will simply be prompted through the chat to share the necessary information for a consultation.

All the information collected is stored appropriately for the attorney to have on hand to facilitate a phone call, as well as an in-person meeting. This potential client’s information is easily accessible so there is no chance at the lawyer being unprepared. It’s all digital! Chatbots can even ask questions and learn more about a client immediately giving the lawyer everything they need, right at their fingertips.

Chatbot Consultations – Getting the Most out of Time management

Chatbots can be utilized to obtain further information from a client in regards to the topic of the case. This is highly convenient for everyone involved. There are typically a few standard questions to determine whether a prospective client has an actionable claim or not. For example, a personal injury attorney would like to know:

  • Has this person suffered an injury?
  • Is someone else liable for the injury?

A LawDroid chatbot can easily acquire the answers to these types of questions with an automated consultation. Questions can be tailored to specific practice areas to ask the questions most relevant. This is not only time-efficient for the attorney, it is also convenient for the client to complete a consolation with ease from the comfort of their home. Responses to the consultation are saved and can even be turned into automated documents, taking the time out of a traditional consultation and giving the attorney more time to focus on strategy and analysis for the client’s case.

Streamlining client intake can make a huge difference in managing your law firm, and keeping overwhelm minimal. Lawyers have one of the top thirty most stressful jobs, with most lawyers reporting that they’re overwhelmed due to their workload. Automating areas that can be automated is not only efficient in a business aspect but can also make the lawyer’s workload far less stressful.

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