Take law firm automation to the next level

Voice Assistance for Law Firms Takes Law Firm Automation to the Next Level

Here at LawDroid we spend a lot of time talking about using technology to improve law firm automation. If you’re new to our blog, we’d like to offer a word of reassurance. No, technology will not steal your job. Law firm automation is meant to make your job easier. It gives lawyers the ability to put more of their time and energy toward activities that only licensed attorneys can do.

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Voice Assistance in a Law Firm Setting Can Take Automation to the Next Level

We all know about voice assistance in the home and even on our smart phones. We can use them to create reminders, add activities to our calendars, and even look things up for us on the Internet. Artificial intelligence is alive and well in our personal lives. Voice assistance can also help law firms take automation to the next level.

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Previously, we’ve discussed how to use technology to automate the documentation process. This sort of law firm automation can save everyone in the office a lot of time since it can be used to quickly create a quality work product in less time. We’ve also discussed law firm automation of the client intake process. New clients talk with a chatbot. The chatbot asks questions and uses the answers to populate intake forms. Another option is to create an online questionnaire that new clients complete online. The answers are emailed to you and automatically populated into your CRM.

To build on that, we’re pleased to announce beta testing of LawDroid Voice. LawDroid Voice integrates with Clio and improves law firm automation. You can use LawDroid Voice to verbally schedule appointments and create tasks, have it read your daily schedule to you, and even have it enter data into Clio on your behalf. Much like other voice assistants, you can even use LawDroid Voice to control certain aspects of your law office.

Request Access to LawDroid Voice Now

If you’re interested in beta testing LawDroid Voice, you can request access by following this link. We hope that you try out all of its features to let us know how it becomes a part of your law office automation process!

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