Interview: Back to the Future of Legal Services with Nicolle Schippers and Dan Lear

Entitled “Back to the Future of Legal Services,” the teleconference included an interview of Nicolle Schippers (ARAG) and Dan Lear (AVVO) moderated by Tom Martin (LawDroid) and hosted by GLSA.

Just a few of the topics that were addressed during the 45 minutes of Q&A include:

• The most interesting opportunities for lawyers in the digital future
• Overcoming obstacles to the adoption of legal technology
• Risks to lawyers posed by innovations to come over the next 10 years
• The role of non-lawyer innovators in the future of legal services

Feel free to follow Nicolle Schippers on twitter @nschippers1 or Dan Lear @rightbrainlaw

Group Legal Services Association (GLSA), an affiliate of the American Bar Association, is a professional membership organization representing the legal services plan industry. GLSA is committed to providing individuals, plans, unions, employers, and provider attorneys with access to information involving all phases of the legal plan industry.

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