Nicole Abboud Interview: Using Podcasting to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Law Practice

Entitled “Using Podcasting to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Law Practice,” this teleconference was an interview of Nicole Abboud ( by Host Tom Martin (LawDroid) and sponsored by GLSA.

Podcasts continue to increase in popularity among American consumers with nearly 79 million listeners tuning in in 2018. Why not be where the people are? Join award-winning podcast producer and host, Nicole Abboud, as she teaches you how to use this voice-driven platform to build your powerful brand, establish your thought leadership, and grow your law practice.

Just a few of the topics covered during the 55 minutes interview include:

• What is a podcast and how to get started.
• How to pick a niche for your podcast.
• What are the best ways to distribute your podcast.
• How a podcast can position you as a thought leader.
• How podcasting can attract clients to your law practice.

Group Legal Services Association (GLSA), an affiliate of the American Bar Association, is a professional membership organization representing the legal services plan industry. GLSA is committed to providing individuals, plans, unions, employers, and provider attorneys with access to information involving all phases of the legal plan industry.

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