MaRS Picks LawDroid for Venture Start Program

Legal AI chatbot LawDroid has been selected by MaRS for its Venture Start program.

MaRS Venture Start entrepreneurs gain access to:

  • High-intensity, immersive workshops on a variety of key topics such as hiring talent and securing capital
  • Detailed market intelligence about industries, competitors, markets, potential investors and partners, intellectual property and more
  • A range of service providers that advise MaRS-supported ventures on key topics such as intellectual property and accounting best practices
  • Discount codes for networking events, startup conferences and tradeshows
  • Expert mentorship in a 1:many or 1:few setting

The chatbot was launched in November 2016 by US lawyer Tom Martin. Prior to founding LawDroid, Tom created flat fee legal services marketplace LawDeal in 2012.

The chatbot allows entrepreneurs to incorporate on their smartphone for free using Facebook Messenger.

“My aim is to eliminate barriers to innovation and encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams,” said Tom.

About Tom Martin

@lawdroid Tom is a legal bot advocate, author and speaker. He is a lawyer and founder of LawDroid (a bot development and consulting company for the legal industry). Tom is also co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers, advisor to ATJ Tech Fellow Program, member of ARAG Technology Innovation Committee, and Chair of Education for Group Legal Services Association. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tom now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two daughters.

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