LawDroid Founder Tom Martin Interviewed by Artificial Lawyer Richard Tromans

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Artificial Lawyer recently caught up with Tom Martin, the California-based lawyer and founder of pioneering legal bot, LawDroid, which helps people to incorporate companies just with a smartphone. We discussed how LawDroid got started, the synergy between legal tech and access to justice, and how the US start-up hopes to grow in the future.

Tom Martin, Founder, LawDroid

Hi, Tom, great to see a lawyer creating their own legal bot. It shows that not everyone needs to be a professional coder to get into legal tech. But, to begin with, can you please explain to readers what LawDroid does?

Although I am not a professional coder, I’ve learned html, css, and php over the years, which now seems elementary and outdated. I agree lawyers have a lot to bring to legal tech even if they’re not programmers.

Beyond lawyers’ obvious domain knowledge and expertise, lawyers’ real world experience with clients — understanding of client personalities, expectations, behaviors and how to accommodate them — gives lawyers a great advantage.

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About Tom Martin

@lawdroid Tom is a legal bot advocate, author and speaker. He is a lawyer and founder of LawDroid (a bot development and consulting company for the legal industry). Tom is also co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers, advisor to ATJ Tech Fellow Program, member of ARAG Technology Innovation Committee, and Chair of Education for Group Legal Services Association. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tom now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two daughters.

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