John E. Grant Interview: The Agile and Lean Approach to the Practice of Law

Entitled “The Agile and Lean Approach to the Practice of Law,” this teleconference was an interview of John E. Grant (The Agile Attorney Network) by Host Tom Martin (LawDroid) and sponsored by GLSA.

Just a few of the topics covered during the 45 minutes interview include:

• Defining the agile and lean business management methodologies
• Tactics and strategies for implementing agile and lean in your practice
• Examples of using agile and lean approach to optimize your effectiveness
• Resources for further development and learning

Group Legal Services Association (GLSA), an affiliate of the American Bar Association, is a professional membership organization representing the legal services plan industry. GLSA is committed to providing individuals, plans, unions, employers, and provider attorneys with access to information involving all phases of the legal plan industry.

About Tom Martin

@lawdroid Tom is a legal bot advocate, author and speaker. He is a lawyer and founder of LawDroid (a bot development and consulting company for the legal industry). Tom is also co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers, advisor to ATJ Tech Fellow Program, member of ARAG Technology Innovation Committee, and Chair of Education for Group Legal Services Association. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tom now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two daughters.

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