Dennis Kennedy Interview: Thoughts on the Practical Use of Technology by Lawyers

Entitled “Thoughts on the Practical Use of Technology by Lawyers,” this teleconference was an interview of Dennis Kennedy (DennisKennedy.Blog) by Host Tom Martin (LawDroid) and sponsored by GLSA.

Just a few of the topics covered during the 55 minutes interview include:

• How Dennis got his start and what interested him in law and technology.
• What is legal tech? How does he define “access to justice”?
• What are some practical ways lawyers can use technology in their practice?
• What are Dennis’s thoughts about how legal tech has evolved and where it’s going?
• How can lawyers better collaborate and what tools facilitate that?

Group Legal Services Association (GLSA), an affiliate of the American Bar Association, is a professional membership organization representing the legal services plan industry. GLSA is committed to providing individuals, plans, unions, employers, and provider attorneys with access to information involving all phases of the legal plan industry.

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