Ai for Lawyers: 5 Easy Things Law Firms Can Automate on Client Intake

Many successful firms are using Ai to automate:

1. Web visitor engagement

2. Lead Capture

3. Client info gathering

4. Consultations

5. Document Generation

Web Visitor Engagement:

Making the first move to greet a prospective client is key, not only in an in-person setting. Imagine if you stepped into a reception waiting room, and nobody greeted you, even after waiting a minute or two. You’d likely not have a very positive first impression. The same engagement counts even in the virtual world. A helpful Ai for lawyers, like LawDroid, can be used to initiate first contact and prompt them for their contact info. If a web visitor is serious about engaging your firm, this convenient chatbot will make the process far more efficient.

Once someone visits your webpage, a chat window will pop up with a greeting. You can set this window to pop up immediately, or even after a few moments to not seem too aggressive with the call-to-action. Your visitor can then utilize the chat window to easily follow the prompts from the chatbot to input their information.

Lead Capture

A chatbot serves as an effective lead capture tool. It not only catches attention of the visitor on your site, it also provides a convenient way for this prospective client to input their information. This is far more effective than being redirected to another page to fill out a pesky questionnaire. While ‘Contact Us’ forms are still relatively efficient, a chatbot doubles in efficiency. Convenience is important with turning a visitor into a client.

Client Info Gathering

Basic info, like name, age, location, are necessary to gather. Firms don’t need to spend time doing this, since LawDroid automates this process with chatbots customizable to any practice area. Each chat is saved containing all the information the client inputed into the chat. You can customize what initial information you need to request through your chatbot. Would they like to request a phone call? Are they wanting to schedule an in-person consultation? With a 24/7 virtual chatbot, gathering the client info is convenient for you and the client, even if its outside of business hours.


Yes, even simple consultations can be easily automated with LawDroid. You can find out the answer to, “does this client have a case” with an automated chatbot. For example, a personal injury bot can ask “have you suffered an injury?” and “When did you suffer the injury?”, to validate that there is a claim within the limitation period. These customizable automated questions can save time for both you and your potential client to find out if your firm is the right fit for moving forward with the case. This brings virtual assistant to a whole new level.

Document Generation

Legal work usually involves a litany of standard form templates. With an intelligent chatbot like LawDroid, we can auto-populate many documents in preparation for a meeting with a client. This reduces the time you spend on administration, and more time doing value-added work for your clients.

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