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Legal Chatbot: 5 Key Elements to Consider

Legal chatbots are an effective tool to increase web visitor engagement and automate many routine tasks in a law firm, such as info gathering, consultations, and document automation. Automating these tasks is not only effective, but they are also highly convenient. With so many options to choose from, there are some key elements to consider when making a decision about which one is right for you:

Key Elements:

1. How and when will a web visitor be prompted to chat?

2. Human or automated chat?

3. How does the bot integrate with your systems?

4. How easy is it to customize?

5. How will I be charged?

How and when will the web visitor be prompted to chat?

Many attorneys prefer to have a chatbot prompt a web visitor after they’ve been on the website for about fifteen seconds. If there is an immediate, aggressive call-to-action, this may scare off some leads.  

What will the bot say first? Consider what you would say first. A friendly greeting along with a notion that the bot is here to help when they are ready? Perhaps it’s an open-ended question like, “how can we help you today?” or “are you interested in learning more about our firm?” This is entirely customizable, but keep in mind, as with in-person interactions, you don’t want an over-aggressive or pesky approach. Starting with an easy, open-ended question is inviting to leads. Starting with an ask for contact info may scare away a prospect before they engage. It may feel too cold and straight to business. Ease the client into the call-to-action.

LawDroid allows the flexibility to adapt chatbots to your firm’s specific branding and ideal client profile.

Legal Chatbot
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Human or automated chat?

With modern technology, automated chatbots are nearly indistinguishable from human agents. Human agents still typically cost much more than an automated solution, charging per conversation. Automated chatbots are available to respond to clients 24/7, within seconds. This greatly opens up more convenience to your prospected clients.

Can’t decide if you’d rather automate or have an agent on hand? LawDroid offers the ability to have both, at one flat fee. Your firm’s members can take over any chat if they wish to when they are available, or leave the automated bots to run on their own when. This flexibility can come in handy for visitors that may need more information or help.

How does the bot integrate with your systems?

If you’re using a case management system, or a CRM, you want a chatbot system that will seamlessly integrate, and put data where you want it.

LawDroid integrates with the most popular case management systems, like Clio. We can push data to most CRMs through the use of webhooks or Zapier.

Be sure to ask if the tools you’re evaluating integrate. Many older solutions will simply send an email, which can easily be overlooked and cost time in duplicating data.

How easy is it to customize?

Your needs are likely to change as your firm grows. Your practice areas may shift and priorities change. Your legal chatbot should be responsive to your needs, and easy to change as you wish. Some older services require you to contact their representatives and pay a fee to have them change the system for you.

LawDroid makes it easy with our builder to change any aspect you wish, in real-time. You can test and deploy chatbots as you wish. Get your first 30 days FREE with LawDroid.

How will I be charged?

Does your chatbot charge a flat-fee rate or are you charged per conversation? If you have only one or two chats per month, then per-conversation may be best. However, if you experience high volume then it might make more sense to find a flat-fee service like LawDroid as your chatbot. 

It is typical for live agent chat services to charge per conversation. They are often basic conversations that can be easily automated by an intelligent chatbot, making them not worth the high fees. When there are bad leads, there is usually a dispute process dictated by the live chat company that is difficult to work with. Flat-fee services give you scalability and predictability in your conversations.

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