LawDroid Copilot

Early Access Beta Program

Purchase LAWDROID COPILOT today for only $5 per month and you will join the  Early Access Beta Program. Access will be granted within 24-48 hours (after a manual approval process) when you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your account.

As a reward for being an early adopter, when the beta program ends, you will be offered 50% off the regular Annual Plan pricing (a $300 savings). 

Now, here's the catch. 

We are offering our product at this dramatically reduced price because it is in beta. This means that you may experience glitches or downtime. This is normal as we get it ready for launch. It also means, we will be seeking your feedback to better improve our product. 

If you're down with that, we're excited to have you. Thank you for your support!