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Legal Document Automation: Personal Injury Lawyer Tips

Legal document automation is a true gamechanger for many personal injury law offices. Here at LawDroid, we know that some personal injury law offices haven’t embraced legal document automation. This often occurs because personal injury lawyers don’t know where to start the automation process. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together these personal injury lawyer tips to get you started with legal document automation.

Automated Client Intake

Automated client intake is one of the easiest ways to automate your law firm. This form of legal document automation can be accomplished before the client comes to your personal injury law office. Automated client intake helps improve the efficiency of your office by giving the client the ability to complete the intake process from home instead of during their first visit. You or your legal staff can spend the time on more critical tasks (although client intake is vital!).

Automated client intake can be set up in the way that works best for your personal injury law office. Two standard options include:

  • The use of a chatbot that asks the client questions to collect the necessary information. The information is then placed in the proper places in the client intake document.
  • Fillable online forms that are automatically sent to you upon completion.

If you’re using automated client intake for your law firm, you should also use an automated appointment reminder for your clients to remind them of their initial appointments, other scheduled appointments, hearings, and other required meetings.

Legal Document Automation: Start Simple

Legal document automation doesn’t mean that you need to immediately switch every document your personal injury law office uses to automation. You can start simple. Starting simple with law firm document automation gives you the opportunity to learn precisely how the process operates. You could start with:

  • Engagement letters
  • Settlement offers
  • Records requests
  • Complaints

This short list of legal documents generally isn’t as voluminous as others, such as certain motions, answers, or discovery. So, why suggest shorter legal documents for automation? It helps calm your nerves because you can notice any issues that need to be fixed in smaller documents before sending longer ones through the process and then realizing there’s a problem.

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Document Assembly

Document assembly is another automation for your law firm. Document assembly isn’t quite what it sounds like. With it, custom fields are used to pull information into your commonly used personal injury law office documents with a single click. It’s one of the best ways to save time for your law office.

Learn More About Legal Document Automation

Legal document automation is the perfect solution for busy personal injury law offices. LawDroid offers a no-code solution for legal document automation to help personal injury law offices. From automated client intake to legal document automation to document assembly, LawDroid can help. Schedule your free demo to learn more.

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