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Get an information rich snapshot of key performance indicators that help you to understand what you can change to become more profitable. Exclusively integrating with Clio® and QuickBooks®.
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MoneyMoji highlights the key performance indicators law firm owners need to consider for a healthy and successful practice.


- Shelley Drury, CPA, CVA, ABV, CFF;  The Doty Group, P.S. 

Patrick Palace

LawDroid brought the future right into my office and we haven't looked back; it was the single smartest business decision I’ve made.

- Patrick Palace, Principal Attorney, Palace Law

Why Use LawDroid?

Capture More Business

69% of consumers expect immediate responsiveness from the companies they do business with. Capture website visitors' interest and turn them into leads. Stop leaving money on the table.

White Glove Service

A LawDroid consultant works directly with you to create a bot suited to your law firm's unique needs and practice area. This service is included. We've got this.

No Long Term Contracts

LawDroid is billed on a recurring monthly basis at a fraction of the cost of a new employee. You can cancel at any time, but we think you won't want to once you see its value.

Made for Lawyers

Law practice is different than other types of service businesses. LawDroid was made by an experienced lawyer with a unique understanding of what is useful to practicing lawyers.

Working for You 24/7

Lawyers lose approximately 6 hours a day to unbillable time. Most of this time is wasted on administrative tasks and business development. LawDroid will work for you 24/7.

Ensure Best Practices

When you automate tasks and conversations, you can make sure you use the right phrasing, ask all the right questions and have a record of what was discussed every single time.

What Do People Think?

Erin Levine

Best marketing purchase of the year so far!

- Erin Levine, Managing Attorney, Levine Family Law Group and CEO & Founder of Hello Divorce

Catherine Sanders Reach

Chatbots deployed on law firm websites can help provide “stickiness” for the visitor and also help with intake, screening, FAQ, and even delivering some legal services. Many firms do not have the technical skills or inclination to build their own bot, which is why services like LawDroid are very helpful in helping embrace this technology by delivering a customized solution.

- Catherine Sanders Reach, Director, Law Practice Management & Technology, Chicago Bar Association

Amanda Caffall

LawDroid helps our nonprofit startup law firm sort the the vast unmet market for legal services into people we can help and people we can refer to other resources, saving us precious time while enabling us to make much-needed referrals.

- Amanda Caffall, Executive Director, The Commons Law Center



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